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Agent Cowan is a character in Now You See Me 2. He is portrayed by David Warshofsky.

Biography Edit

Agent Fuller works alongside Dylan Rhodes in the FBI. He is a very rude person and straight to the point.

Now You See Me Edit

After the car crash in second act of the horsemen's shows Agent Fuller takes over the investigation and Dylan is pushed away. For the third act Cowan thinks he is prepared. He learns about the safe robbery coming and he heads down there only to find out the safe is gone. He rushes outside and watches as a van runs away with what he thinks is the safe. Luckily he manages to stop the truck and he removes the hypnotized man. After making sure the safe is in the truck he decides to take the truck where it was suppose to go to trick the horseman. When they finally arrive at five points Thaddeus Bradley tells the FBI that they should open the safe. When they do they find a box full of balloons.

Cowan heads his men up into the building where the horsemen are but they are gone. He sees them reappear somewhere else and run there, but they vanish Finally the horseman disappear into money. He had failed.

Now You See Me 2 Edit

Still out to get the Horsemen, Rhodes tells them that the magicians have a link to a mysterious pigeon to. After Cowan discards the idea, he gives Rhodes a stern warning.

When the horsemen take over the OCTA presentation Cowan heads there to catch them. But someone took over the horsemen show and he reveals that Jack Wilder is still alive and the Dylan Rhodes is the fifth horseman. Cowan arrests Dylan but using magic, Dylan escapes.

When the Horsemen tell the world they will be arriving in London, Cowan heads there with his team. They chase after the Horsemen but Thaddeus tells them they should ignore their distractions and head to the final show. With Thaddeus arrested they try to work out where the Horsemen may go. When they appear on the Thames, it is too late. The Horsemen escape quickly leaving Arthur, Walter, and Chase behind to be arrested. Cowan is unable to catch the Horsemen again.