Daniel Atlas's Tower Trick is a magic trick performed by J. Daniel Atlas at the beginning of Now You See Me.

Description Edit

NowYouSeeMe Courtesy WEB

Daniel Atlas hosts a show and for one of his tricks he flicks through a deck of cards and asks the audience to see one card he does it rather fast and says he will do it again, slower this time. Both times the audience see the 7 of Diamonds. Daniel fans the cards out and asks a woman if she sees her card. She say 'no' and Daniel reminds them, 'the closer you look, the less you see'. He then throws the cards into the air and the 7 of Diamonds appears in the side of a tower as the lights turn on.

Real-life usage Edit

This is a real magic trick that has been performed by magicians such as David Blaine. The flipping part at the beginning is a famous trick done in magic and when the card appears on the tower, Atlas later says he bribed the tower electrician $50 to do it.