Henley's Escape Show is an event in Now You See Me held in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Summary Edit

Henley ascends a staircase to the stage a greets the crowd. She takes off her jacket and waves it in the air and asks the audience whether they "are ready to end this". She explains that when a timer hits zero a tank full of piranhas will empty into her tank from above. Two male
assistants chain her arms and legs. She counts down from three, and the assistants tear off her clothes to reveal a sultry outfit. She shakes her butt.

The timer starts, and she is plunged into the tank. She quickly starts undoing her chains, she undoes the first one and smiles at the audience. She then realizes the chain is stuck at the bottom of the tank, and she cannot undo it. She pounds the glass and screams for help. Her assistants and the crowd realize her danger.

She points at a bar, and one of assistants grabs it and attempts to break the glass, unsuccessfully. Henley then manages to free the chain, and surface, but the timer goes off, and the piranhas and water rush into the tank. The water turns red from apparent blood, and Henley disappears. The shoot shows a hooded figure watching.

The crowd screams in horror, until they hear a voice saying, "Come on, this is bullshit! Whoever thought of this is a sick sadist!" The person shouting this is revealed to be Henley herself, who has escaped, and is now amongst the crowd. She high-fives a few people, at her success.

After the audience left, Henley finds a calling card from The Eye in the tank.